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May Challenge - 24 days of barre

Note: If you want to track this to hold yourself accountable, go ahead and join the official program, where you can tick off steps.

I have programmed a workout for you to complete everyday to show you how achievable it is to prioritise you and your movement. If you have any questions throughout the challenge please just let me know.

Things to note in order to make it achievable

  • Order/Sequence: You can complete the videos in any order you like

  • Length: There are 2 options for everyday, a longer one and a shorter one. If you're extremely short on time just scroll down to the end of the page and select from the quickie section.

  • Track: You don't have to mark the videos as complete if you don't want to but if you join the official program you'll be able to mark the video as complete and leave optional feedback. If you complete the challenge by 31st, you'll be entered into a raffle to win a small prize.

  • Substitute: If you attend my live class or in-person class you can also mark the day as complete and leave a note to let me know.

You can also make this challenge express by committing to 5 vides a week, for example. If you mark a workout complete and you didn't do it, you can always state you're making this challenge and express option. 

Week 1:

Day 1: The Parallel Workout - Long/Short version. 

Day 2: Collective Core Video - Choose between long & short version. Please excuse my bad editing on the short one.