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February Challenge
28 Days of Barre

Welcome to The February Challenge, where you are going to commit to completing one video a day, dedicating time for yourself. It's not about wearing yourself out over the month. Instead, you will build a healthy habit/routine of movement, a better focus on form and, of course, improved fitness, strength and mobility.

Each day is planned out for you but you can switch things up. Just do something. If you're too tired, you can go for a walk, or even start a shorter video - you'd be surprised about what you can achieve once you commit to start. After you complete each video, you can make a note on how you felt and track your progress. 

Order does not matter. My programming is a guide. You don't have to do each day in a row. Here are some ways you can customise it:

  • If you plan on attending a live class, you can do that instead of a video.

  • For example, if you want to do Wednesday's workout on Monday because it suits you better, then you can do that and tick it off. It doesn't matter that you're not completing workouts in order.

  • If you want to go for a run (or other exercise) instead of a video, you can note that in the tracker. It is a barre challenge but I understand you do other things too. 

Note: Things happen, schedules change and last minute plans come up. You can take longer than 28 days to complete this if you want. It will not expire. Instead of skipping a workout, you can always take a day to do a different activity and pick up where you left off. 

Formally join the challenge and track your challenge progress here.

If none of these videos suit you (e.g. time constraints), head to the bottom to the quick wins section.

Week 4 

Day 22: Monday Workout

Goal: You are ready to take on ANYTHING!! Last week of the challenge so let's do it. You can do this. We hit up a lot of positions here so move well and take your time. Remember all your cues! It's a nice full body sizzle.

If you're short on time hit up the shorter video.

*Always feel free to take a Live Class if there's one on


Fun Lower Body Sizzle with Abs

Fun Lower Body Sizzle with Abs

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If short on time: