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Barre30 | 30 (ish) Minute Barre Challenge

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Welcome to the first barre challenge of 2024!! This challenge is about committing to 4 barre videos a week, where you can complete them in whatever order you'd like. The videos are 30 mins for the most part but there are options if you want to switch it up. This challenge can be for everyone, including anyone who is pregnant. I give you ways that you can make the workouts more intense or easier, depending on your goal. Just because you take the "easier" option the first time you complete it doesn't mean you can't repeat again at some point and level up. These 30 min videos fit a lot in so please take your time. It's also going to be so amazing for you to see how remaining consistent and committing to 4 videos a week will have a huge impact over time. I hope you will feel strong and more familiar with some moves. You can also take this challenge with you on the go! You'll be able to see if barre is something you can incorporate into your current movement schedule as an accompaniment. Don't stress if it takes you longer than a week to complete 4 videos. They won't expire and you can come back if you want to use this challenge as move of a long-term schedule/program. So what do you need to do? 1. Join the challenge - you will need access to the video library to do so. Either the Demi or the Grand plan will give you access. 2. Complete a video whatever pace you want - stick to the schedule or move things around 3. Mark steps complete when done 4. Finish the challenge and be in with a chance to WIN A PRIZE! (Note: to be entered into the draw you need to complete the challenge between 12th February and 10th March). Come join me! You got this! Please note, this challenge features equipment but you can ABSOLUTELY do it without. I use: Pilates ball/yoga block (modify with a cushion/pillow/towel) Light weights (modify with tinned cans of chickpeas or something) Resistance bands and ankle weights can also be used to level up.

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