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February Challenge

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Welcome to The February Challenge, where you are going to move your body in a mindful way for 28 days in February. The idea is to commit to completing one video a day, dedicating time for yourself. It's not about wearing yourself out over the month. Instead, you will build a healthy habit of movement, a better focus on form and, of course, improved fitness, strength and mobility. Each week will build on the next. ​ Each day is planned out for you but you can switch things up. Just do something. If you're too tired, you can go for a walk, or even start a shorter video - you'd be surprised about what you can achieve once you commit to start. After you complete each video, you can make a note on how you felt and track your progress.  Order doesn't matter. My order is a guide. You don't have to do each day in a row. For example if you plan on attending a live class, you can do that instead of a video. If you want to do Wednesday's workout on Monday because it suits you better, then you can do that and tick it off. If you want to go for a run, you can note that in the tracker.  ​ Note: You can take longer than 28 days to complete this if you want. It will not expire. Instead of skipping a workout, you can always take a day and pick up where you left off (or sub it for something else as previously mentioned). You're doing something great.

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