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Twenty for Two

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We're busy - I get it! The more convenient something is, the more likely we are to actually stick to it, right? Well I've got you covered. You asked and I listened. Come and join this 20 minute program that has two weeks of workouts (& more) to get you into the swing of things. Who knows, you might want to repeat it or else avail of other shorter workouts after this little challenge? Are you ready to see if you can commit to two fun weeks filled with movement. Enjoy a quick burn in the morning while your coffee is brewing, or even between meetings, on your lunch break, while the oven heats up - the list is endless. I must warn you though, the shorter the workout, the higher the intensity. But, I do have warm ups and cool downs included in these workouts. All you need is: 1. A mat & a chair 2. Tinned cans or very light weights (e.g. <1kg) 3. Demi or Grand Plan 4. Willingness to burnnnnn Sign up!

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