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Hi, welcome to Barre By Emma. My name is Emma, I am 26 and originally from Cork. Having done ballet, as well as other forms of dance since the age of 3, I have always been obsessed with movement. I quit ballet at the age of 21 and moved to Dublin, where I began to switch up my fitness routines, trying new forms of exercise such as pilates, reformer, barre, yoga and boxing. After being inspired to become certified in ballet barre, I still wasn't quite sure how I was going to put the qualification to use. I began teaching for the company I work for every now and then, instantly loving it. During this time I dedicated a lot of time into the research of different movements and sequences and became so interested in why we move our muscles a certain way. For me, exercise and movement just happens every day - I need it in so many ways!

I have been very fortunate to travel to Australia, where the world of wellness and fitness classes are on another level and I returned back to Ireland truly inspired to do something more. I began teaching at a corporate level more regularly and during the pandemic I took it all online, which was a huge change, as I know it was for so many. Besides teaching my colleagues, I loved to also train my friends and I am so glad that I did because as daunting as it was, they gave me the push I needed to just start Barre By Emma - and here we are!

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My Goal

My ultimate goal for all of my clients and friends who do my classes is to find a way to integrate this form of movement into your weekly routine. This controlled and more mindful movement is something we should all make time for. Whether we take to the barre for 5 mins before a run to activate the glutes, or add some pulses and plies to your other workouts, it will all help.

I want to help you get the most from your workout by focusing on technique and form, enabling us to lengthen, align and sculpt the body correctly. I am so excited to now be providing more than just weekly online classes. With this site, you can easily book into my classes, in-person events, but more importantly you can subscribe to a video library and experience barre whenever you like, taking full classes or some shorter series to compliment your other exercises. I can't wait to share my love for barre and more purposeful movement. I want exercise and movement to be something you look forward to, rather than killing yourself to get a sweat in and not tuning in to what you're doing and why you're doing it. 

Yes, we will shake and burn along the way but we will do it together and make it fun!

Emma x

"I began to incorporate Emma's class into the rehab of  a ruptured Achilles tendon. This was strongly encouraged by my Surgeon and Physiotherapist. I expected Barre to be beneficial for this injury due to the consistent flexion of the lower limbs. What I did not expect was the significant benefits experienced in core strength, hip mobility and general flexibility. These are aspects of training that I often neglect. I also struggle with lower back pain and nothing relieved this pain like the Barre classes.


All that aside, the structure of the class makes it fun and easy to follow. Several options and variations of exercises are offered to account for all levels. Although it is low impact, it is extremely challenging and you will end up shaking several times throughout. Barre is what people need to get themselves familiar with. Emma has absolutely nailed it with these sessions with a price that is completely undercutting the market!"


"As some who is self-employed (on top of working from home!) I love Emma’s classes as a way of providing familiar structure to my week and as something that ensures I can get out of my “work” brain for a while. Since starting these classes my usually low energy levels have improved so much, and I’ve also found I’m running further and for longer too. Emma has the perfect balance of encouragement and push in her classes, but she never forgets to cater to different levels of abilities either. I would recommend these classes to people of any fitness level—especially if, like me, you have struggled with attending classes in person and prefer to work out at home. They are just perfect!"



I am currently teaching at:

Browningstown House, Ballinlough Rd, Ballinlough, Cork, T12 XH28

It is the former Echo Studio, currently the location of Cork Physio Rooms


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